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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jurassic World toy line?

The Jurassic World toy line is the new line of toys for the film Jurassic World. There is a series of figures in the line based on most of the dinosaurs in the film. The figures are consisting of Bashers & Biters, Growlers, Capture Vehicles, and Brawlasaurs. The first wave of Jurassic World toys has been released in the beginning of April.

What dinosaurs were released in Jurassic World?

A third wave was released in the fall of 2015. A large figure of Indominus rex was released in May. 2 large figures of Tyrannosaurus rex was released, one of them in the Fall. Also, the toy line has shown some dinosaurs that was not seen in Jurassic World, this includes Allosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Spinosaurus, and Dilophosaurus .

Are there any dinosaurs in Jurassic World Dominion?

Bring the excitement and storytelling home with movie-authentic dinosaurs including species introduced in Jurassic World Dominion along with other Jurassic World inspired vehicles, accessories and more. Get up close and wild with these Uncaged Rowdy Roars dinosaur figures inspired by the thrilling action and adventure of Jurassic World Dominion!

What are brawlasaurs in Jurassic World?

A line comprised of dinosaurs with electronic components, usually with light-up dino damage wounds. Brawlasaurs are toys that fight each other by winding their tails. But their most unique feature is that each toy has a code that is used to unlock an animal in Jurassic World: The Game .

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