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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plot of Jurassic World?

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Synopsis Brothers Zach and Gray Mitchell visit Jurassic World, a dinosaur theme park on Isla Nublar, of which their aunt Claire Dearing is the operations manager. Claire assigns her assistant Zara as the boys' guide, but they evade her and explore on their own.

When is new Jurassic World Coming out?

The movie’s now set for June 10, 2022, a year after its original release of June 11, 2021. Jurassic World Dominion is the longest movie in the franchise, clocking in at a huge 2 hours and 23 minutes .

Is there another Jurassic World Coming out?

Yes, an all-new Jurassic World movie is set to release on June 10, 2022. The Jurassic World 3 or Jurassic World: Dominion teaser had first released on January 10. The movie was originally set to ...

Will there be another Jurassic World?

The Legendary and Universal/Comcast Corp. flick is a big hit and likely headed for the $1 billion+ grossers club. So, yes, there will be a third Jurassic World movie, already dated for June 11, 2021. That’s a good thing too since Fallen Kingdom is essentially a feature-length set-up for what comes next.

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