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Frequently Asked Questions

What is jumpjumpcloud?

JumpCloud is THE Solution to Get Away from Active Directory! "Easy to implement and very scalable, with lots of features for integrating SSO (Single Sign On) and the like. Has a strong back-end management platform."

How does the JumpCloud agent work?

The JumpCloud agent is written in Go (with a bit of C++ in Windows). The memory footprint is approximately 5-7MB of RAM and runs as a compiled native binary. The agent contacts JumpCloud's servers (see here for a list of endpoints) using a long HTTPS poll every 60 seconds. If work is available, the agent downloads and executes the work request.

How much does JumpCloud platform cost?

JumpCloud Platform. Complete IAM & device management. Purchase JumpCloud Platform in the product when you add your 11th user. $ 15 /user/mo $ 17 /user/mo

What is Okta JumpCloud?

JumpCloud is a cloud-based directory service that underpins secure access to virtually any IT resource, providing centralized, cross-platform IAM. Okta’s integration with JumpCloud lets you manage your organization’s users in Okta and have those changes reflected in JumpCloud.

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