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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is July 4th so important?

The Fourth of July is a day that allows all Americans to celebrate the forming of their nation and development of American culture. The day also allows non-Americans to celebrate all things American, like apple pie, baseball and the NFL.

What does July 4th mean to you?

The Fourth of July is a time to commemorate America's declaration of separation from Great Britain that was made on July 4, 1776. Our freedom and our democracy that we have been blessed with is a direct product of the sheer determination from our forefathers who worked to establish the United States of America as a free country.

What does the 4th of July really mean?

The Fourth day of July, 1776. Our Independence Day. The Fourth of July means a lot of things for me. It means baseball, grilling outside, flags, green grass, music, friends, family, and of course fireworks. But the Fourth of July means a significant amount more, not only to the United States of America, but to the world as a whole.

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