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Frequently Asked Questions

What national holiday is on July 25?

National Day of Galicia. National Day of Galicia ( Día Nacional de Galicia) is the national holiday of the autonomous community of Galicia in Spain. It is celebrated on July 25. The holiday is also known as Day of the Galician Fatherland ( Día da Patria Galega) or simply Galicia Day ( Día de Galicia ).

What day of the week is July 25?

July 25, 2021 was a Sunday, 43 days from Labor Day.

Is July 25th a national day?

National Merry-Go-Round Day on July 25 recognizes the joy, laughter and carnival music often associated with these fun rides. The merry-go-round (also known as a carousel) is an amusement ride consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders.

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