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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good jogging strollers?

Thule jogging strollers are sleek and lightweight. Take your child on a walk around town or a run in the fresh air – always in safety and comfort. With Thule jogging strollers, you’re free to enjoy and share your passion for walking or running with your child.

What are the benefits of using a jogging stroller?

A jogging stroller also benefits from having a fixed front wheel, larger wheels overall, a steering system on the handlebars, and a better suspension system that absorbs the inevitable bounces and jolts that come with moving at higher speeds. When can you use a jogging stroller with your baby?

How do you use a jogging stroller?

At slower speeds, allowing the wheel to swivel makes it easier to steer while walking. A tip for easier turning when the front wheel is locked: push down slightly on the handlebar to take some weight off the front wheel and then swivel the stroller around a turn.

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