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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I cannot login to jobs4tn?

If your information was found in the system, then you will be prompted to enter a new password. Your username will be shown on-screen If your information does not match, Jobs4TN will take you to our contact form. Under "How Can We Help You" choose: I cannot login to my account".

What is your jobs4tn account for?

Your Jobs4TN account serves as your employment dashboard, allowing you to manage unemployment benefits, locate job opportunities, and resume employment. Needless to say, access is key.

Where can I find online job opportunities in TN? ’s database provides easy access to the largest number of unduplicated online job opportunities currently available in one location with tens of thousands of jobs every day.

How do I manage unemployment items on jobs4tn?

Employers may manage such unemployment items within their Jobs4TN employer account. Many accounts were automatically configured and can be accessed by registering as an Employer on Jobs4TN gov. Click " Not Registered Yet? " under the sign in box.

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