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Frequently Asked Questions

Which employers do not drug test?

Though the Gap Inc.’s policies and career pages do not speak specifically about drug testing of employees, various job and question-answer forums suggest that the company does not drug test its employees. Northfoto / Follow Gap Inc (NYSE:GPS)Follow Gap Inc (NYSE:GPS)

What companies do not drug test?

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) The next one on our list of biggest companies that do not drug test is Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), the news and social networking website, that is known for providing some of the best benefits packages to its employees. According to sources, the company does not drug test its employees.

Do they drug test you before hiring you?

Employers may drug test as part of the pre-employment hiring process and also may test employees for drugs and alcohol use under certain circumstances. Hiring can be contingent upon passing pre-employment drug and alcohol tests. Drug testing laws vary by state. In some states, there are limits to when and how drug screening can be conducted.

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