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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs pay $20 an hour?

Of all the jobs that pay $20 an hour on this list, proofreading may be the one with the most opportunities, because there are nearly 2 billion websites out there and many proofreading jobs are for web content. #2. Virtual Assistant

Are there any remote jobs that pay $20 an hour?

A standard 40-hour workweek comes out to 2,080 hours per year, which means your annual salary will be $41,600 before taxes. Are there remote jobs that pay $20 an hour? Absolutely — and many that pay even more. Many of the jobs on this list, including proofreading, freelance writing and virtual assisting — are ideal for remote work.

What are the best jobs to get in the US?

#3. Small Business Marketer #4. Bookkeeper #5. Website Developer #6. Freelance Writer #7. Online Tutor #8. Website Tester #9. Medical Transcriptionist #10. Independent Delivery Driver #11. In-Store Shopper #12. Dog Walker #13. House Cleaner #14. Fitness Instructor #15. Real Estate Agent #16. Landscaper #17. On-Demand Odd Jobs #18. Photographer

Are work-from-home jobs that pay $20 an hour too good to be true?

If you’re a natural introvert, work-from-home jobs that pay $20 an hour might seem too good to be true. But they exist, and they’re easier to land than you think. #1. Proofreading Quick summary: As a proofreader, you’ll check written content for grammatical, typographical, syntax, spelling, punctuation and formatting mistakes.

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