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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Mayor’s office do?

With about a dozen employees led by the Chief of Staff, the Mayor’s office coordinates with each department and agency across the city, as well as works with the city council and confers with residents, local businesses and other key stakeholders to set forth various policy, laws and regulations to move the city forward.

What has Mayor Fulop done for Jersey City?

Since Mayor Fulop took office in 2013, Jersey City residents have seen stable taxes four years in a row, alongside the expansion of public safety, affordable housing, public education, social programs, preservation of historic neighborhoods, and parks and open space development, among many other accomplishments.

Where is Jersey City New Jersey?

Located between the Hudson and Hackensack Rivers, Jersey City covers nearly 15 square miles of land at the center of the New York City metropolitan region. Once a city driven by immigrants working in the shipping and manufacturing industries, Jersey City has transformed into a modern urban community.

How do I submit a construction application to NJ city?

HOW DO I SUBMIT AN APPLICATION? *Please fill out the attached form and pay the $100.00 fee on Then forward the completed application and payment confirmation to [email protected] for processing. Soils report (footings and foundations), if applicable.

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