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Frequently Asked Questions

Is jarfix safe to download?

You may have to confirm that the file is safe, and as long as it is called ‘jarfix.exe', it is 100% safe to download. Once you've downloaded Jarfix, it's time to run the Jarfix!

What is jarfix and how does it work?

The .jar file type is common in many applications; as such, many can hijack the extension and open the wrong file when running a program. Jarfix solves the issue by re-assigning the .jar files to their correct Java Runtime Environment.

Is jarjarfix a virus?

Jarfix is not a virus. It's a lightweight program that has a small memory footprint and low CPU usage. Despite the fact that it is one of the most common ways of packaging Java class files, .jar files can be annoying to manage.

Why am I getting a jarfix error message on my computer?

This message indicates that the .jar files on your computer have been fixed. You should no longer have any issues opening up .jar files. Jarfix will also set a Java icon for your .jar files. Jarfix can also be run as an .exe, similar to any other executable on Windows.

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