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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the approximate location of the Japanese tea garden?

/  37.770122°N 122.470231°W  / 37.770122; -122.470231 The Japanese Tea Garden ( Japanese: 日本茶園) in San Francisco, California, is a popular feature of Golden Gate Park, originally built as part of a sprawling World's Fair, the California Midwinter International Exposition of 1894.

Where can I buy tickets to the Japanese tea garden?

Please purchase tickets at San Francisco Recreation and Park Department website here. The Japanese Tea Garden is located in Golden Gate Park, near the corner of Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive and Martin Luther King Drive.

Where is the Japanese garden at Golden Gate Park?

Located in the surprisingly large Golden Gate park, across from the California Museum of Natural History, this Japanese garden is beautifully maintained and exudes a quiet sense of peace. From dwarf trees to koi ponds to a small tea house, the experience is tranquil and... More.

Is there a tea cafe in Golden Gate Park?

A historic fixture of Golden Gate Park, this exquisite garden also offers a small tea cafe, which has always been a largely outdoor experience.

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