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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install iTunes?

Begin Installing iTunes. After you've downloaded iTunes, the installation process will start (if you chose "run" in the last step) or the installer program will appear on your computer (if you chose "save"). If you chose "save," double-click the installer icon.

Where is iTunes installed on Windows 10?

Here’s how to proceed the iTunes for Windows installation on Windows 10: Download iTunes and save the file ‘itunes6464setup.exe‘ on your hard drive. After downloading open the folder where you save the file ‘itunes6464setup.exe‘. After allowing iTunes to access your PC, the ‘Welcome to iTunes‘ screen appears.

How can I open my iTunes?

1First, open the iTunes app on your computer. 2Click to open the Store menu and choose Create Account from the menu that appears. 3Click Continue. 4Click to select the I Have Read and Agree to the iTunes Terms and Conditions check box, and then click the Continue button. 5Fill in the information fields and click the Continue button.

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