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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to HISD?

IMPORTANT: If you're an HISD employee, click the "Click here to login" button under HISD User Login. You can use this site without being registered or signing in, but registered users who sign in may have access to additional features and information.

How do I log in to itslearning?

In order to log in to itslearning, you must have a user name and password which is provided to you by your educational institution. It is important to note that your password must not be given to others. If another person has access to both your username and password, this person could exploit your itslearning account.

What is the HISD hub?

The HUB is designed to help HISD teachers do more in less time and personalize instruction for students. From planning and delivering course work to assessing and reporting student progress, teachers are pulled in different directions.

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