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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to learn Italian?

The Best Way to Learn Italian Start Studying. You've already taken the most important step to learning Italian when you started searching online (and found this website) because the most important thing is to start studying! Choose Your Learning Materials. ... Define Your Goals. ... Stick to Your Routine. ...

Is Italian a hard language to learn?

Learning Italian, as well as learning any foreign language, requires time and hard work but with a good dose of motivation and perseverance, anything is possible. If you have enjoyed this post and would like to learn Italian online visit Parlando Italiano.

Can I learn Italian for free?

Along with the Italian dictionaries you’ll need to decipher them. So, yes, absolutely you can learn Italian for free. But that doesn’t mean it’s such a great idea…

What are some easy to learn Italian songs?

The Greatest Pop Songs That Will Help You Learn Italian Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu by Domenico Modugno. ... La Cura by Franco Battiato. ... Ma Il Cielo è Sempre Più Blu by Rino Gaetano. ... La Canzone del Sole by Lucio Battisti. ... Bella by Jovanotti. ... La Differenza Fre Me e Te by Tiziano Ferro. ... La Notte by Arisa. ... Bambina Impertinente by Carmen Consoli. ...

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