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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best YouTube channels for kids to learn Italian?

Dino Lingo has videos to help kids understand and learn Italian through animations and childrens’ voices. This channel is all about wanting your kid to learn Italian in a fun, relatable, and nurturing way. Once they watch one lesson, they may not be able to stop!

How can I learn Italian on my own?

You can create your own little immersion by watching Italian YouTube channels (and go down the YouTube rabbit hole guilt-free because you’re learning Italian at the same time!) With Italian YouTube channels, you can listen to people speaking natural Italian, which is perfect for training yourself to understand Italian conversations.

What is kids learning tube?

“Kids Learning Tube is a treasure trove of educational videos…creating a fun and unique approach to learning.” “Our kids love these videos. They’re catchy and actually teach useful lessons.

Why learn Italian with learnamo?

LearnAmo’s videos are 100% in Italian, so they’re not for complete beginners, however, they talk clearly, which makes them perfect for making your first steps into listening to natural Italian. Some videos have subtitles in both English and Italian, so you can listen in Italian first then switch to English to check your understanding.

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