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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Little Italy in San Diego like?

Little Italy, San Diego. Little Italy is a somewhat hilly neighborhood in Downtown San Diego, California that was originally a predominately Italian fishing neighborhood. It has since been gentrified and now Little Italy is a scenic neighborhood composed mostly of Italian restaurants, Italian retail shops, home design stores, art galleries,...

What is the Italian cultural center of San Diego?

The Association represents the residents, property owners, and businesses of Little Italy. The Italian Cultural Center of San Diego, a 600-member non-profit organization founded in 1981 for people interested in Italian culture and language, is located in this neighborhood.

Where did the Italian immigrants settle in San Diego?

Bound by Laurel Street to the north, Front Street to the east, Ash Street to the south, and the San Diego Bay to the west, thousands of Italian families settled here in the early 1900s. Along with Mexican, Japanese, and Portuguese immigrants, they toiled to build a local tuna fishing industry that became a source of great wealth for San Diego.

What is the Little Italy Mercato in San Diego?

The Little Italy Mercato is the largest farmers’ market in San Diego County with over 200 vendors. Did You Know? Take a closer look at the Little Italy Landmark Sign’s mosaic tile work on each pillar that tells the story about the community’s tie to the bay, church and Italian homeland.

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