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Frequently Asked Questions

What is italki and how does it work?

On Italki, tutors and students meet for 1-on-1 lessons via video call, commonly Skype. Most Italki tutors are focused on helping you build conversational skills through talking. (After all, it’s called Italki ). However, you can also find Italki teachers that can offer you customized lessons based on your needs.

How do I start learning on italki?

Hop on a Skype video call with your Italki tutor. Ultimately, you need to know what you want to achieve and your preferred style of learning. While you’re still new on Italki, make full use of the trial lessons and hop around from tutor to tutor. You’ll find a spectrum of teaching styles.

How do I buy Italki credits and use them?

You can buy Italki credits and use them up to pay for lessons. To make your purchase, you can either pay every time you book a lesson, or buy Italki credits from which you can deduct the cost of each lesson. I prefer the latter for convenience.

How much does tutoring cost on italki?

Italki teachers set their own rates. There is a minimum price of $4 and a maximum price of $80. You can use filters to find a tutor that fits your budget, whether it’s $10/hr or $50/hr. Personally, I search for teachers on the lower end of the budget spectrum.

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