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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Italki charge per lesson?

The teachers set their own prices, but the average italki 60-minute lesson would cost $64, based on a particular teacher’s success. So you can expect to pay from $10 to $80 per hour. There is a minimum price of $4.

How does Italki charge a commission?

How does italki charge a commission? Creating a profile, applying to become a teacher, and setting your courses and availability calendar are all completely free. When a lesson or package is completed, italki charges a 15% commission fee based on the teacher's listed lesson price.

What is Italki?

Italki is a real language learner’s website so you can find many people who are interested in learning a language there. Many English classes are focused on boring grammar rules or exercises.

How much does Italki charge to withdraw my credits?

italki does not charge any commission or fee for withdrawing your italki credits (except express withdrawal). Depending on your choice of payment method, these payment methods will charge different fees. ( Read more about payment methods and fees)

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