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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you pay for tutoring on italki?

level 1 · 6 yr. ago On italki, price is usually not indicative of how good the teacher or tutor is. Some atrociously bad teachers price themselves at $25+ an hour and some outstanding ones are as low as $8. Do trials until you find the one you like.

How good is it to teach on italki?

I have taught hundreds of classes on Italki. It allows you a lot of freedom on how to conduct your classes as long as students are happy. It is easy to get into. But the pay is very low, as it is a market place it is very easy for students to go to another teacher.

How much do you pay for tutoring?

I currently use two regularly, one of whom is a community tutor at $8 per hour, and one of whom is a professional teacher at $17 per hour. They are absolutely fantastic and honestly I think they are both drastically under charging. The most I've paid for a community tutor is $20 and the most I've paid for a professional teacher is $40.

Is Italki a good source of supplemental income?

However, the 20 hours a week I put into Italki actually pays for my rent and my car payment and insurance. So, while it might be supplemental income, it is pretty good supplemental income indeed. If you decide to work on Italki, make sure you take it seriously.

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