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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tutoring job on italki?

iTalki is a language tutoring site that provides jobs for both professional teachers and for so-called “community tutors,” who qualify with nothing more than proficiency in a language. The site teaches all major languages and posts weekly updates of the languages that require tutors. Tutor’s set their own rate of pay and determine their schedule.

What are the different types of teaching profiles on italki?

There are two types of teaching profile on italki - Professional Teacher or Community Tutor. Each applicant can only choose one teacher type. You cannot apply to be an English Professional Teacher and Italian Community Tutor for example.

How good is it to teach on italki?

I have taught hundreds of classes on Italki. It allows you a lot of freedom on how to conduct your classes as long as students are happy. It is easy to get into. But the pay is very low, as it is a market place it is very easy for students to go to another teacher.

Can a community tutor upgrade to a professional teacher?

You can only choose one teacher type. If you first apply to become a Community Tutor, you can later upgrade to Professional Teacher. Can a Community Tutor upgrade to a Professional Teacher? As a teacher, you need to have the minimum requirements for technology.

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