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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Organizations need ISO 27001?

The reasons as to why ISO 27001 should be considered are:- Control risk within the organization:-. Security risk becomes difficult when the organization has to quantify within the organization, and ISO 27001 ensures that an organization manages the risk in a ... Understand the weaknesses of the business:-. ... It helps to Improve the Process:-. ... It helps to understand the key assets of the business:-. ...

What is ISO 27001 and why should you care?

ISO 27001 is invaluable for monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a company's information security management system and will unquestionably give partner organisations and customers greater confidence in the way they interact with your business. ISO 27001 is the de facto international standard for Information Security Management

What should an ISO 27001 Information Security Policy include?

The ISO 27001 information security policy is your main high level policy. This policy sets the principles, management commitment, the framework of supporting policies, the information security objectives and roles and responsibilities and legal responsibilities. This is the policy that you can share with everyone and is your window to the world.

What is ISO 27001, and do you need it?

There are several standards that you should comply with when it comes to information security. ISO 27001 is one such standard. ISO 27001 is an internationally-recognized standard for managing risks related to the data you hold. Compliance with this standard proves to your customers and other stakeholders that your data environment is secure.

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