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Frequently Asked Questions

Does USPS Informed Delivery Cost money?

The system is free and offers a number of conveniences, apart from the ability to screen incoming mail. Does USPS informed delivery cost money? Cost & Ads – Informed Delivery service is totally free. However, the service is ad supported.

Is Informed Delivery worth it?

The delivery process has become more important, and is often now the only direct contact with the customer. Customers expect to be informed every step of the way so digital tracking is important, but they also dislike seeing a parcel travel inexplicably around the country. Efficiency must be a priority.

Does the USPS Informed Delivery show all the mail?

USPS Informed Delivery is a service offered to residential addresses that allows you to have access to all your incoming mail before you receive it. While this is fantastic, like everything in life, it can sometimes prove faulty. As you may well know, this can be pretty frustrating for people who rely on this service.

Does USPS deliver right to your door?

Unfortunately, USPS does not deliver to your door as mail carriers will deposit your mail and any packages that fit, into your mailbox. However, if items do not fit, they may be brought to or near your front door. Where does Canada Post deliver?

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