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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Zonai in BOTW?

The Zonai are an unseen prehistoric tribe of barbarians whose existence is marked by ruins and an Armor Set in Breath of the Wild. While little is known about the Zonai, it is known that they were a savage, warlike tribe from the Faron Region.

Why are they called the Zonai in link's World?

The actual in-game title for the tribe is the "Ancient Barbarian Tribe," but fans have taken to calling them the Zonai due to their connection to the Zonai Ruins in the Faron region. Here, Link can find a ton of ancient tablets, ruins, and pillars with the same symbology.

Could breath of the Wild 2 bring back the Zonai tribe?

A group so influential to the origins of the Hylian people could be a worthy addition to the game. Another possibility is that BOTW 2 could develop the Zonai tribe. Traces of the Zonai can be seen in areas of Breath of the Wild - ruins and clothing - but the group does not make an official appearance within the game.

How do you get to the zonai ruins?

The Zonai Ruins are situated in the depths of the Faron Woods, in the heart of the Faron Grasslands. A road heading out from Pagos Woods crosses the Floria River via a low wooden bridge, heading towards the ruins, before turning off towards the southeast and on through the steamy sea of trees.

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