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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your tax refund a scam?

It’s tax season and a scam involving stolen data from tax professionals, fraudulent tax filings, and erroneous checking account deposits has law enforcement and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on high alert. Here’s how the scam works and what to do if a mysterious tax refund appears in your checking account or mailbox.

Is your tax refund check real or fake?

Those taxpayers will receive a real, legitimate refund check from the IRS. Then, soon after, the crooks call the check recipient, posing as the IRS, and claiming there's been an error. They demand the taxpayer wire them the refund.

What is a Treasury check scam?

Treasury Check Fraud The IRS warns taxpayers about scams involving fraudulent U.S. Treasury checks. Victims receive a refund they weren't expecting and are then contacted by a scammer posing as an IRS official who requests that the victim repay the money before the check or deposit clears.

How do I report a scam to the IRS?

How to Report IRS Scams. Always report fake letters to the IRS. This helps the IRS identify scams that are in circulation among taxpayers. You can report fraudulent IRS letters to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) or directly to the IRS at [email protected]

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