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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track my IRS payment?

Ask the customer service representative if the check or credit card transaction to the IRS has posted to your account. If you paid by check, you should provide the representative with the check number. If you paid by credit card, you should have the date of the transaction and the amount of the payment to the IRS.

Can We track stimulus check?

Here’s what we know about how to find out where your relief money is. Can I track my stimulus check? Yes. Just like the IRS typically allows you to track your tax refund, you can now know where your stimulus payment is. On April 15, the IRS launched the Get My Payment application. With Get My Payment, people are able to check their payment status, confirm whether they’re getting it via direct deposit or check, and enter their bank account information.

How do I Find my Stimulus money?

Filing a payment trace to find missing stimulus money You can request an IRS payment trace if you received the confirmation letter from the IRS that your payment was sent (also called Notice 1444), or if the Get My Payment tool shows that your payment was issued but you have not received it within certain time frames.

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