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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you contact IRS?

Using the Taxpayer Advocate Service Contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service to answer your questions and for help with problems like audits, missing refunds, or identity theft. Send in IRS Form 911 via fax or mail. Call 1-877-777-4778 to reach the TAS. Use the TAS contact page to look up the office nearest you.

How do I reach a real person at the IRS?

If you are calling in response to a notice or letter that you received, check for the appropriate telephone number in the correspondence. This may be your only way you can talk to a real person. Once you get through to a real person at the IRS, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the help you need.

What is the 800 phone number for the IRS?

IRS Phone Number. 1800 Toll Free contact : 1 800-829-1040. For Business –> 800-829-4933. Persons who suffers from listening to hearing impairments: 800-829-4059.

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