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What does intraspecific competition do to population growth?

The major impact of intraspecific competition is reduced population growth rates as population density increases. When resources are infinite, intraspecific competition does not occur and populations can grow exponentially. Exponential population growth is exceedingly rare, but has been documented, most notably in humans since 1900.

What is interspecific competition in ecology explain, biology?

Interspecific competition occurs when different types of species in an ecosystem compete for the same resources. Here, the resources refer to food, shelter, light, water, and the other essential necessities of a particular species that inhabits an ecosystem. Such a competition may lower the population size of a particular species that is not ...

What intraspecific competition and its affect on a population?

Intraspecific competition is a pervasive phenomenon with important ecological and evolutionary consequences, yet its effect in natural populations remains controversial. Although numerous studies suggest that in many cases populations across all organisms are limited by density-dependent processes, this conclusion often relies on correlative data.

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