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Frequently Asked Questions

What is drug intervention?

What is Drug and Alcohol Intervention? A Drug Intervention is a process during which a professional interventionist works with a family and friends to gently confront an addicted individual with their drug use and behaviors, in an attempt, to make it clear they will no longer enable the addiction and help them accept treatment.

How to stage an intervention for alcoholism?

How to Stage an Intervention for an AlcoholicGet the Right People Involved. You do not need to include everyone at an alcohol intervention. ...Write Letters. Ask participants to write a letter to the alcoholic to read during the intervention. ...Choose the Right Time. ...Find A Private Place. ...Have a Solution Ready. ...Set Guidelines Beforehand. ...Get A Professional Involved. ...

How do you help drug addiction?

You can start looking for help for a drug or alcohol addiction by speaking with a doctor, doing research on what help is available, and discussing these options with your friend or loved one. Factors that can play a role in your choice of a treatment program include the reputation of the facility and the type of care you are seeking.

What is substance intervention?

Substance abuse interventions are complex processes that are designed to make a drug addict or an alcoholic realize that they need help for their addiction. Wondering what you can expect from an alcohol or drug intervention? Typically, a group of the addict’s loved ones will gather together and confront him or her about the substance abuse.

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