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Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy wrecked cars from insurance companies?

You can buy cars directly from the insurance company through auto auctions that sell totaled vehicles. Insurers are usually hesitant to fully insure rebuilt cars, as they may not be as safe. Although guidelines vary by state, liability coverage is mandatory.

What is an insurance claim vehicle?

A car insurance claim is essentially any request for payment of damages insured under a signed car insurance policy. While most car insurance claims are processed rather quickly other claims need a little work to get resolved. It’s very important to understand what your insurance policy covers before submitting a claim.

What is car dealer insurance?

USED CAR DEALERS. Dealer Protection Group (DPG) provides insurance for used car dealerships with a variety of options and choices. Whether a dealership is large or small, or simply dedicates one portion of its lot to pre-owned vehicles, our comprehensive coverage will insure the cars and trucks on the lot and the garage associated with sales.

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