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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a claim on two different insurance companies?

For such claims, you make the claim for one insurance company and procure the settlement summary. On completion, you will need attested copies of all the bills. You may then approach the second company for claiming reimbursement of the balance amount. 2. Reimbursement claims

What is an insurance claim and how does it work?

What Is an Insurance Claim? When you file an insurance claim, you’re making a formal request to your insurance company to receive money to help you pay for repairs and other expenses caused by a policy event (like a car accident or a home burglary) that is covered by your insurance.

What if the claim amount is less than the sum assured?

Now, if the claim amount is less than the sum assured, the contribution clause is not applicable. However, for claims exceeding the sum assured, the clause is applicable. But, you may choose the insurance company from whom you want to make the first claim.

Can You double up on insurance claims?

That will depend on the situation. Insurance is meant to make the insured whole again (indemnify) after a loss and will not allow you to double up or gain anything from claims other than what you lost. Some companies can work together and pay a % of a claim based on the premium breakdowns.

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