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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a check box in Word?

Obey the steps below to create a checkbox anywhere in your Word document: Place the insertion pointer at where you want to create the checkbox. Go to Insert→Symbols→Symbol→More Symbols. The Symbol dialog box appears. Select Webdings 2 from the Font dropdown list to display some of the Advanced Symbols in Word. Select the Checkbox symbol.

How do you insert a check mark in Word?

1. Open the Word document and select where you want to insert the check mark. 2. Select the Insert tab. 3. Once the options in this section are displayed, go to Symbols. 4. Select the More Symbols option and choose the check mark. 5. Once selected, click on Insert, and the symbol will be added to the document.

What is the shortcut to insert a checkbox in Word?

First, you need to customize Word's ribbon and enable the “Developer” tab to show the option to add check boxes. Then, select “Developer” and click the “Check Box Content Control” button to insert a check box into your document. You can also transform Word's bullets into checkboxes.

How do you make a checklist in Word?

One of the tools you can use to create your checklist is Microsoft Word. 1. Enable developer tab Before beginning work, ensure that you have enabled the 'developer' tab. Press 'file' and then 'options' and 'customise ribbon'. A box with a list of functions pops up. Ensure you tick 'developer'. 2. Write your list Next, create your list.

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