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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the inmatesales mobile app?

The InmateSales mobile app allows you to manage your InmateSales account and make deposits for products at certain facilities. You can also schedule video sessions and send emails to these individuals where they are allowed at a facility. Not all facilities support all products and services that we offer.

How does an inmate know I have scheduled a visit?

The inmate’s account may be frozen, or the balance is over the allowed amount. Q: How does an inmate know I have scheduled a visit? The inmate will see it on their account up to two weeks before the visit. Q: How much does an inmate phone call cost? You will need to contact the phone company directly for the cost of a call.

What happens if an inmate receives a fraudlent deposit?

READ CAREFULLY If an inmate receives a deposit of any kind from our system that is later flagged as a fraudlent transaction, whether it is filed intentionally or on your behalf, the inmate could be blocked permanently from receiving future deposits. We reserve the right to bar inmates at any time, for any reason, without cause or explanation.

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