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Frequently Asked Questions

Should inmates be allowed to watch TV in prison?

People in prison come under a three-tiered incentive scheme. The POA argued that televisions should only be available to those who reach the highest tier, but the prison service has declared that second-tier prisoners should get them, too. This diminishes the effect that television as an incentive can have on good behaviour and co-operation.

How to search for an inmate?

six-digit number assigned to each inmate incarcerated by the ADOC and represents the quickest way to find a particular inmate. If you enter data in the AIS number field, the only record shown will be the one where the AIS

Do inmates make money?

You can make money off of things like investments you have on the outside. Many inmates have hustles in prison to make extra money. While not allowed, the staff tends to look the other way unless you’re doing something like making hooch or selling drugs.

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