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Frequently Asked Questions

How many inmates are in New York State prisons?

There are about 46,000 inmates in prison in New York along with another 35,855 on parole. About 65% of male offenders are in prison and in maximum security units due to violent crimes. Ninety-five percent of all New York inmates are male; the remaining 5% are female.

How can I find records of past inmates in New York State prisons?

The New York State Archives holds records relating to thousands of past inmates of New York State prisons. These records take the form of admission and discharge registers, summary cards, and inmate case files.

How can you find an inmate in a correctional facility in New York State?

The New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision has an inmate locator tool on its website where you can easily find someone in prison. You can search using the inmate’s name, or DIN, or NYSID. If you search by name, you can narrow the results by adding in a birth date.

How many maximum security prisons are in New York State?

There are a total of 48 correctional facilities, and out of those 13 are maximum-security prisons. According to a law approved in the year 2016, New York state is amongst the few that does not allow private prisons to operate. Therefore, all the maximum-security prisons in New York State are run by NYSDC&CS.

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