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Frequently Asked Questions

Should inmates be allowed to watch TV in prison?

People in prison come under a three-tiered incentive scheme. The POA argued that televisions should only be available to those who reach the highest tier, but the prison service has declared that second-tier prisoners should get them, too. This diminishes the effect that television as an incentive can have on good behaviour and co-operation.

What time do inmates get released in American prisons?

Those leaving the prison that morning will be unlocked earlier, at 7.30am. That could be for a court appearance, outside hospital visit, transfer or release. Wing officers are given a ‘movements list’, which gives an inmate’s name, number, cell location and the activity they are assigned to for that morning.

Are inmates ever happy in prison?

Sure. You can be happy in prison, but only if you were happy before prison. Here’s the thing though… you can’t admit to being happy in prison. Nobody wants to do that. You’re supposed to hate it there, so it seems incongruous to admit to any level of happiness.

Do inmates have jobs outside of the prison?

While most inmates will work within the confines of a federal prison, some minimum security inmates housed at Federal Prison Camps are permitted to obtain employment in neighboring communities as part of their release preparation programming.

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