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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the closest Ingles store to me?

Enter Your Zip Code-or- Choose Your City and Stateto find the Ingles store location closest to you. Click 'More Information' to get directions, view store information, see store hours or to view your store's weekly ad.

What's it like to work at Ingle's?

The staff, who are mostly teenagers, are always friendly and helpful. They have a really good produce section and fresh cut produce bar. The only problems I have with Ingle's in general is that it's kind of pricey and I can't find certain items there, that my family eats regularly.

How often do you visit the Starbucks in Winder?

I visit this location about once a week when I'm up in Winder. There's a lot of parking and very easy access to this location. I do really like that there's a Starbucks inside as I usually buy A drink and a snack while I'm at the store. This location is very big and is very small stocked.

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