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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you log into Infinite Campus as a student?

To log in to the Infinite Campus student portal, navigate to the website of your school district, access the Infinite Campus login screen, type your username and password in the appropriate fields, and click Sign In. In some cases, the login screen includes user guides and information regarding activation keys.

What is the password format for Infinite Campus?

Your username for Infinite Campus is your first and last name together, lowercase, and with no spaces. The default password when you first log onto Infinite Campus for the first time is usd475. You will be prompted to change your password on your first time logging into Infinite Campus.

What is the district name for Infinite Campus?

Infinite Campus (IC) is the Student Information System (SIS) for the Walton County School District. This system houses any data related to a student, including their household information, class schedules, grades, transcripts, attendance, and test results.

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