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What is inferiority complex and how to treat it?

TakeawayAn inferiority complex = persistent low self-esteem and insecurity because of a perceived deficiency.An inferiority complex is not a formal mental health diagnosis.Some folks with an inferiority complex react by isolating themselves, while others seek constant attention.More items...

What is generally perceived as 'inferiority complex'?

What is generally perceived as ‘inferiority complex’? An Inferiority complex is a psychological term used to describe people with intense feelings of inadequacy, often resulting in extreme shyness, self-isolation, or social submissiveness. It often stems from the belief that one is in some way deficient, or inferior, to virtually all others.

How do I overcome my inferiority complex?

To start to overcome your feelings of inferiority, try the following:Make fewer comparisons. If you find the endless social media scroll is making you feel inferior, try to restrict the time you spend on these platforms – and the people ...Practice gratitude. ...Challenge your thinking. ...Don’t rely on positive affirmations. ...Give yourself a chance. ...Practice mindfulness. ...Practice self-acceptance. ...

What are signs of an inferiority complex?

Signs of an Inferiority Complex . Displaying signs of low self-esteem; A tendency to over-analyze compliments and criticisms; Persistently looking for validation and praise from others; Pulling away from family, friends, and colleagues, especially in social situations; Attempting to make others feel insecure to make up for feelings of inadequacy

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