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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between direct and indirect competition?

The products or services provided are typically the main difference between direct and indirect competition. Indirect competition provide a similar but not the exact same solution that a business offers its customers. Customers can decide which approach or solution they prefer.

What types of services or products can be considered indirect competition?

Indirect competition often occurs between beverage brands. Coffee and tea sellers are typical examples of indirect competition. Consumers who need a beverage can decide to get tea or coffee depending on their preferences. The target audience for both brands is customers who enjoy both drinks.

How can businesses use indirect competition to their advantage?

Studying indirect competitors allows you to significantly broaden your ideas and inspiration base. Since they’re appealing to the same audience, but in a slightly different space, the chances are much higher of finding successful ideas or link opportunities that your direct competitors haven’t tackled yet. More on this:

How can former employees be prevented from using indirect competition in a non-competition agreement?

'Indirect' competition does not have a precise definition, but is generally inserted into noncompetition agreements to prevent former employees from using other employees at a new employer as stand-ins; i.e. telling another salesperson at a new employer what clients to approach and how to do it.

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