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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for an offender?

*When searching for an offender you may either search by offender name, offender identification number or the offender’s case number (cause number) assigned by the court. *When searching by the offender name, only a last name is required. Providing both a first and last name will narrow down your results.

How do I search for an inmate in Indiana?

To search for an inmate in an Indiana Department of Correction facility, use Indiana DOC inmate search online. Enter an inmate's last or first name in the form below and submit to search. You can also lookup inmates by offender's number.

Where can I find public criminal records in Indiana?

Generally, the state's principal law enforcement agency is often designated as the record custodian for public criminal records. However, record search requests can be made to the court clerks in Indiana. Criminal records, considered public in the United States, are made available through some third-party aggregate sites.

What information is needed to search a police report in Indiana?

The information typically needed to facilitate an Indiana police record search includes the subject's full name and contact information, the names of the officers involved and the incident or investigation report number (if available). Are Police Reports Public Record?

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