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Frequently Asked Questions

What is impression?

Definition of impression 1 : the effect produced by impressing: such as a : an especially marked and often favorable influence or effect on feeling, sense, or mind b : a stamp, form, or figure resulting from physical contact

What is the difference between impressions and clicks?

Impressions: How often someone saw a link to your site on Google. Depending on the result type, the link might need to be scrolled or expanded into view. See more details below. Clicks: How often someone clicked a link from Google to your site. See more details below.

What is the difference between impressions and engagements?

With an impression a user only sees an advertisement. An engagement, or a click, happens when the user actually follows through and clicks on the ad. While engagements are ultimately more valuable, impressions are still an important metric for mobile marketers. Why are impressions important?

How important are first impressions?

First impressions are important but can be misleading. In her journal, she recorded her impressions of the city. See More Recent Examples on the Web Perine snuck out of the backfield for a 7-yard gain, but it’s what happened between the whistles that left a more lasting impression.

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