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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of immunity?

History of theories. The concept of immunity has intrigued mankind for thousands of years. The prehistoric view of disease was that supernatural forces caused it, and that illness was a form of theurgic punishment for "bad deeds" or "evil thoughts" visited upon the soul by the gods or by one's enemies.

What are the two types of immunity?

The human immune system has two types of immunity: Innate immunity. Acquired immunity. slide 2 of 4. Innate Immunity The innate immune system is the type of immunity that is present naturally in the child at the time of birth.

What does immunity mean?

Immunity is the ability of an individual to recognize the “self” molecules that make up one’s own body and to distinguish them from such “nonself” molecules as those found in infectious microorganisms and toxins. This process has a prominent genetic component.

What is an example of specific immunity?

The non-specific immunity is also called innate immunity. The examples of the non-specific immunity are fever (choice B), phagocytosis by macrophages (choice C), and skin and mucus (choice D).Cytotoxic T-cells are an example of the specific immune response.

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