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Frequently Asked Questions

What does immunity mean?

Immunity is the ability of an individual to recognize the “self” molecules that make up one’s own body and to distinguish them from such “nonself” molecules as those found in infectious microorganisms and toxins. This process has a prominent genetic component.

What is the definition of immunity?

Immunity is a term used frequently in the medical field. Our immune systems protect us from illnesses. If we are immune to an illness, it means we won't get sick if we are exposed to the germs that cause it.

What is "natural immunity"?

Innate (natural) immunity is so named because it is present at birth and does not have to be learned through exposure to an invader.

What is the concept of immunity?

Legal immunity, the concept of a person or entity being immune from legal liability due to a special status Absolute immunity, a type of immunity for government officials that confers total immunity when acting in the course of their duties. Amnesty law, a law that provides immunity for past crimes.

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