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Frequently Asked Questions

What is immunity in medical terms?

Immunity is medical term that describes a state of having sufficient biological defenses to avoid infection, disease, or other unwanted biological invasion. Immunity involves both specific and non-specific components.

What is immunity and types of immunity?

Immunity Types. Immunity to a disease is achieved through the presence of antibodies to that disease in a person’s system. Antibodies are proteins produced by the body to neutralize or destroy toxins or disease-carrying organisms. Antibodies are disease-specific. For example, measles antibody will protect a person who is exposed to measles disease,...

What does it mean to be immune?

Princeton's WordNet(3.00 / 1 vote)Rate this definition: immune(adj) a person who is immune to a particular infection. immune(adj) relating to the condition of immunity. "the immune system".

What does medically immune mean?

A disorder caused by a reaction of an individual's immune system against the organs or tissues of the body. Autoimmune processes can have different results: slow destruction of a particular type of cell or tissue, stimulation of an organ into excessive growth, or interference in function. Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine.

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