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Frequently Asked Questions

Can spices and herbs boost your immunity?

Apart from other public health measures taken to prevent this virus, we can boost our immunity with natural products. In this article, we have highlighted the potential of common spices and herbs as antiviral agents and immunity boosters.

Do spices and herbs play a role against viral infections?

Most people are using tulsi drops, vitamin C, and chyawanprash for boosting their immunity. Therefore, we conclude from the survey and available literature that spices and herbs play a significant role against viral infections. Keywords: antiviral, bioactive compounds, coronavirus, herbs, immunity boosters, SARS‐CoV‐2, spices

Can spices boost immunity to covid-19?

Although the precise molecular mechanisms associated with spices and immunity are not completely understood, our findings led us to hypothesize that spice consumption plays a role in our ability to fight COVID-19; however, intensive research is needed to determine the translational value of these findings.

How to boost your immune system naturally?

New Delhi: Herbs and spices are great sources that help to boost the immune system. By the practice of consuming a nutritional diet, getting quality sleep, more water intake, frequent hand wash, and enough Vitamin D from the sun one can easily boost up immunity.

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