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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word immigrant mean?

immigrant(Noun) A person who comes to a country from another country in order to permanently settle in the new country. immigrant(Noun) A plant or animal that establishes itself in an area where it previously did not exist. immigrant(Adjective) Of or relating to immigrants or the act of immigrating.

What is the difference between an immigrant and an emigrant?

There is very little difference between immigrant and emigrant semantically; both words refer to a person who leaves one country in order to move to another (generally for a permanent or significant stay). The main difference is that immigrant is used in reference to the country moved to, and emigrant is used in reference to the country moved from.

What country has the most immigrants?

The USA has the highest total number of immigrants, being home to 19 per cent of the world's immigrants. This is followed by Germany and Russia, with a combined share of 9.7 per cent of the world's immigrants.

What are the causes of immigration?

The most common voluntary reason for immigration is seeking employment or economic opportunities not available in the home country. Wealthy or educated immigrants with assets or valuable skills may immigrate simply because they prefer the climate, politics, laws or social conventions of another country.

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