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Frequently Asked Questions

What is reforging in skyblock?

Reforging is a mechanic in Skyblock that allows the player to add special perks to their gear without the need of enchanting/using experience, and are quite useful for all levels of gear. To reforge your item, simply head over to the Blacksmith and click on him to bring up the reforging menu.

What are the best armor reforges?

For Armor there are 3 reforges you want to look out for and each are the best in there own right. These are: Wise for mana/magic damage. Titanic for overall survivability. Godly for damage. However the most important reforge is the itchy reforge for talisman. When you stack enough of them you can get to insane crit damage. I’m talking 300%+.

What is the best reforge for Ender armor?

for Ender Armor just get fierce, its the best non-reforge stone reforge for damage. Reforge stone aren't worth it on Ender Armor. these aren't the absolute best you can get, but probably are the best that fit in your budget (seeing that you are using ender armor). Use fierce for damage, and pure for crit chance.

What happens to reforges when armor is upgraded?

When weapons or armor are upgraded, reforges are usually kept. However, if an Accessory is upgraded (such as upgrading a Feather Talisman into a Feather Ring, or Sea Creature Talisman into a Sea Creature Ring ), the reforge on the item will be lost.

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