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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Hurricane Sandy so devastating?

Hurricane Sandy's most devastating effects are likely to be caused by its storm surge, a mound of water piled up and pushed ahead by the storm's winds. Most hurricanes approach the U.S. East Coast from the south, meaning that the full power of the surge is not driven directly into the coastal cities.

Was Hurricane Sandy the strongest storm ever?

Sandy created a record 32-foot tall wave in New York Harbor It was the strongest storm to make landfall in the Northeast Sandy was the largest hurricane ever in the Atlantic, spanning 1,000 miles...

Was Hurricane Sandy one of the deadliest hurricanes?

Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest hurricane of 2012 and one of the most destructive hurricanes in history to hit the United States. Toward the end of October 2012, Hurricane Sandy plowed through the Caribbean - killing 75 people before heading north.

How many people died because of Hurricane Sandy?

Sandy was a once-in-a-lifetime storm event, putting 50 million people at risk. Tragically, 72 people died from the hurricane as the direct cause. Another 87 deaths occurred from hypothermia due to power outages, carbon monoxide, and accidents during cleanup.

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