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Frequently Asked Questions

How many storm names are there in 2021 Atlantic hurricane season?

Here are the 21 storm names of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season — with the NHC's official pronunciations.

How many hurricanes will CSU predict in 2021?

CSU released their first predictions on April 8, 2021, predicting an above-average season with 17 named storms, eight hurricanes, four major hurricanes, and an ACE index of 150 units, citing the unlikelihood of an El Niño and much warmer than average sea surface temperatures in the subtropical Atlantic.

What will be the first hurricane of the season?

The first tropical or subtropical storm of the season will be named Alex. If all 21 of the names on the list are exhausted through Walter, then a supplemental list of names will be used. Last hurricane season produced exactly 21 named storms, using up the entire 2021 list through the name Wanda.

How much does a hurricane cost in 2021?

List of costliest Atlantic hurricane seasons (as of 2021) Rank Cost Season 4 $61.148 billion 2004 5 ≥ $53.438 billion 2021 6 ≥ $51.146 billion 2020 7 ≥ $50.126 billion 2018 6 more rows ...

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